Welcome to SL Html Utilities

Apr 16, 2009 at 1:38 PM
I have created this project because I am tired of having to figure out ways to mock out the browser when writing tests against my Silverlight code.  This software will do that for you.

The code, as of today, works pretty well.  The majority of it is test code in the form of a UI-based test (to test that the library works with the browser) and unit tests against the UI-based test to ensure that the browser can be mocked out.

To use this library, simply replace HtmlPage.* with Html.Page.* and all of your code should continue to compile and execute properly.

Very soon, I will release a binary download for the library and a blog post that shows how/why it is useful.

Here is the road map for the product:

0.1 -- Wrappers around existing objects
0.2 -- Extensions to existing objects (HtmlLink, HtmlImage, HtmlDiv, etc)
0.3 -- Helper utilities for doing more complex actions on the HTML
0.4 -- Cross-browser support?
0.5 -- Anything else??
1.0 -- World domination???